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Best events for emerging events managers to attend

I love events just because but you also have to love the freebies. I’m a pen and notebook h--oarder so I collect them any time I go to a trade show.

These events are insightful and also educational and the perfect opportunity for you to start some lifelong relationships with suppliers.

1. Venues and events live -

Presented by square meal, this event is one of my favorite because they offer an experience as well as a networking opportunities. During the day there is workshops, exhibitors ranging from venues such as hotels, cinemas and racing tracks to suppliers such as florists and experience makers.

I would highly recommend this event because it is fun and affirmative. Book yourself onto some workshops and seminars and you'll be good to go. It is a whole day event from about 9 am - 4pm but definitely worth it.

2. International Confex -

I recommend Confex because they strike the perfect balance. They create a space for the next generation of event professionals can learn by offering student tickets yet still appeal to the established professional without compromising the experience for either groups.

Brought to us by Mash Media, who have the friendliest and most helpful event team on ground, any budding event professional would benefit from attending.

3. EventLab -

EventLAB is a multi-channel platform designed to help events professionals learn, develop, get connected, and discover what’s new in the world of events. 

EventLAB hosts a series of educational and networking events throughout the year, including the flagship two-day programme of conference sessions, masterclasses and workshops, and an exhibition of top venues and event suppliers.

4. Event Tech Live -

The exhibition offers their visitors a dynamic way to research and learn about Event Tech whilst engaging and networking with new business contacts. It is perfect for the modern event manager to learn about the new technologies in the industry.

It is important to note that some events are restricted to industry professionals and therefore will require some form of verification.

For example;

  1. The meetings show

  2. BNC

Lastly, although it is great to attend industry events and sit through talks of 'how to...', it is also invaluable to attend a variety of events and simply be an observer of the event logistics, programme and staff behaviours. These are also learning opportunities as the industry has so many sectors it is important to focus your research on your preferred sector and go from there.

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