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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

What is an industry with no official regulatory body, no regulatory standards, to what yard stick do we measure how well executed our work is? or furthermore, regulate how many firms doing the SAME thing enter the market. Therefore, the events industry has no voice, is overlooked and overworked.

According to eventbrite, there are over 25,000 (and counting) events businesses in the large majority of that number are SME’s. Many event "businesses" spring up because people are looking for flexibility, financial freedom or simply because there is no clear pathway of access into the industry. However, although many strive for excellence, this is often not reached, thus (if i dare say) tainting the image of the industry. When brands collaborate there is a great increase in the collective finances which are able to be aquired. Some may argue that many come into the industry out of necesity and therefore have no reason to care about the state of the industry whereas some do it out of passion. Whatever the case, nothing should stop us from coming together, recommending one another and increasing collaboration across event “businesses”. By helping another agency, supplier or professional, they aren’t a threat, but moreover your stepping stone to the next level.

Covid has shown us how easily we can come together as professionals of all levels and share knowledge and resources. The view of market competition no longer exists and this should not change post-covid. This pivot to digital has been discussed extensively for the last 3 months, the pivot to community over individualism is another conversation to be added to the agenda.

How can agencies, professionals and agency work better together at all levels? How can smaller businesses benefit and receive recognition in the industry?

More can be achieved together, Lets discuss...

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