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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Since the UK government had restricted the live event industry and the gathering of people for events in large numbers till October, i think its the perfect opportunity to think about the platforms which our events are creating. For me, every event is a platform, an opportunity for someone to share, learn or grow. Whether it be the hospitality staff to the facilitator, events team, attendees etc theres an opportunity there for them to do so. Event professionals have the power to create and facilitate platforms which push an agenda. My question to #EventProfs would be, if there’s no platform being built is there a point of hosting events?

Platforms are vehicles which carry a purpose and often just used to get from one level to the next. Using our skills to create platforms for the next generation of event professionals whether by taking to time to give experience, teaching, mentoring etc that platform would be one which will never be taken for granted.

I often get asked how I have been bold enough or even get as far as I have as an events professional but thats because i was given a platform and had people that believed in me to a fault.

If we are passionate about the industry and its legacy lets continue to create sustainable platforms whether physically or digitally. Give someone different the opportunity to speak, give a junior the opportunity to lead. See what that platform does for someone in the next 6 months. 

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