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The New Normal

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

As we have been in lockdown coming up to two months, there’s been a lot of time to attend industry webinars, do research and read up on topics just to understand what our new normal will be.

Let’s start with travel.

The biggest impact would be on travel. Whenever anything happens across the globe the first thing that is affected is the way we travel. Although travel bans will be lifted, for a long time thereafter many people will continue undertaking essential travel only until the virus has completely "passed". Social distancing will mean that group travel will be less and less likely.

More companies which were hoping to host incentives or have colleagues who travel for work will be turning to their home countries to fulfil their travel needs. Mainly to avoid any risk but I also believe the period in our personal houses has made us appreciate a little more what is at home. There are many undiscovered rural areas within your home country which has gone undiscovered and my advise would be build the economy of your home country.

Covid-19 has shown us how much we can come together, as one big ‘national family’ In our various countries to build help one another and this shouldn’t go amiss. Look inward and spend inward until the economy is stabilised. We will be shocked the gems we will be able to find in places like, Llandudno, Scotland, Cornwall (for my UK readers) to name a few.

Technology in events was a relatively new phenomenon with many still learning the simplicities of using cisco on a laptop. The pandemic sent the industry into technology overdrive with online webinars, conferences, team meetings on zoom and this could be the new normal (a millenials dream🤩) . It has showcased how agile the industry is especially the corporate side which are often used to office based working. In this new age the companies which will win are those that are able to adapt and pivot (successfully) to this new normal. Not only will it cut a lot of costs but it will also improve organisational reputation.

Many office based roles dress themselves up in the notion of the “team environment” but as we have seen if anything working from home has brought many teams closer as online video calls have brought you into a colleagues personal life which You or them may have been hiding before.

Lastly, Societal norms of socialisation will begin to take a new shape. Gestures such as hand shaking, hugs and cheek kisses has already been swapped for a cheeky foot shake or elbow bump.

The facade of socialisation and formality has been taken away, everything stripped back and now physical socialisation has to be authentic.

I would love to see what your thoughts are on the new normal.

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