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Updated: May 5, 2020

After google searching for about 30 minutes about how millenials are changing the events industry I found nothing. Zilch. We see the force of millenials that are entering industry’s such as finance, tech, healthcare etc and the disruption those millenials are causing in those industries and revolutionising their ways of working.

Technology is rapidly taking over the industry so now there a number of skills other than being hospitable which you need to be able to flourish in such a Midnight-11:59 industry.

This blog will be very much self directed, following my own journey. I also aim to include facts, reviews and topics which will be insightful for those entering the industry for the first time or like myself getting your first break in events. additionally, i hope for this to be a platform for other young event managers to share their journeys and insights.

About Me

I have always had a passion for events as i used to attend a lot of functions as a child, from birthdays and christenings to book launches. These social gatherings sparked my interest in the strategic way these gatherings bring people together and spark positive experiences and emotions regardless of what may be going on in their lives. My passion is to see more people who look like me in the forefront of the industry.

Young event managers come into entry level roles and become subject to their older managers and counterparts who speak about their 100 year experience in the events industry, thus discouraging us from taking up more senior roles because we seem to not be qualified enough.

So, this blog is simply going to follow the journey of an entry level events student turnt professional, office buzzwords, research, projects and much much more.

Feel free to send in any questions, comments or feedback to or comment below

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